Inspiration & Research

This collection of images give me an idea of what designers out there are doing with environmental design. It’s about how people interact with space and the visuals. I’m particularly fond Sagmeister & Walsh’s “We are all Workers” Levi’s billboard design. It truly reflects a concept driven home. Still, what I’ll try to focus on is designing something that looks good and compliments the space which its designed for. If I can accomplish something that looks and fits aesthetically, then it’ll be more than just traditional advertising.

suntan storefront spectacular1 squareflag Savages billboard Sunset recycable public furniture restaurant_bench open spaces2 open spaces Meet the orphans bus Lego land bus jessicawalsh_weareallworkers hi-res-thumb-950x536@2x FlatBillboard Communion-2-Photography-by-James-Medcraft-950x6331 direction sign car application bus-stop-ads-wonderbra-broken bus-stop-ads-starwars bus-stop-ads-up-balloons bus-stop-ads-dignity-1 bus-stop-ads-coca-cola-grip bus-shelter-advertising bus design templates billboard-display bendch1_big Aquarium_BusComp1_web andrews-auto-care Advertising Agency in Mumbai AgIdeas_Sandbach_Figure_6 3 dimensional

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