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These are the most current changes to my exhibit display. I’ve changed the primary typeface to Proxima Nova because I felt that it would be more appropriate, and have a more modern feel to it. I’ve also changed the colors and updated possible insitu images.


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9 Dragons

9 Dragons is a large scroll painting by Chen Rong.

For my exhibition project, I decided to host Chen Rong’s 9 dragons painting. This is a hand scroll painting from 1244, connected to the dynamic forces of nature in Taoism. There is a very traditional feel to this piece along with royalty and religious backgrounds. “The depicted dragons are associated with nine sons of the Dragon King, while the number nine itself is considered auspicious in Chinese astrology and folk beliefs.”

Possible materials for this exhibition include the display and postcards with information about it. Maybe even a qr code on the postcard.

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2nd Project: Retail Environment. Viscosity.

Project 2: Retail Environment. Viscosity.


Our second project involves designing for a retail environment. I chose to design for an organic natural juice bar, which provides natural juices, green juices, smoothies, and tea. The shop’s name is “Viscosity”, inspired by the viscosity of paints and inks that we as artists use. It also ties well into the concept of liquids and juice. This shop will be located in the SOMA neighborhood in San Francisco.


Viscosity will target health conscious people seeking to live better healthier lives. It also provides a calm, peaceful, chill ambiance; perfect for designers, artists, and other creatives who look for a place where they can work away from home.

Average-higher income class will most likely be interested in going to Viscosity because of its high quality products and experience. Also, natural juices are not cheap, but are well worth the price.

Viscosity’s design will try to balance a modern, clean, open, nature-inspired space, where people can hang out, but also come and get work done.

Competition: Pressed Juicery located in SF. Juice Shop also located in SF.